Flying over and around Bonaire

Bonaire has excellent weather conditions for flying and the air traffic is low. There is one aero club on Bonaire. They are offering flightseeings and flying lessons. With the well maintained high wing Cessna 172, the experienced pilots of the club take non-pilots up into the blue skies of Bonaire for a flightseeing trip. They are happy to give you a unique opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views at an altitude of 1000 feet/ 300 meters. With the sightseeing flights, we take you along the Bonaire coastline around the island in a one hour trip. Get a beautiful overview of the biggest solar salt works in the hemisphere. See the slave huts from the air. Enjoy a spectacular view of Lac Bay and the mangroves. See the waves breaking on the eastside, the deserted lighthouses, the beautiful hills of Washington Slagbaai National Park.

flying bonaire

More information about the club and flightseeings you can find on their website.