Klein Bonaire
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Klein Bonaire is a small uninhabited island located just off the coast of Bonaire. It is about half a mile from Bonaire at its closest point. The island encompasses over 1500 acres. The development of Klein Bonaire was attempted a few times in the past. The final try in 1995, was also unsuccessful. Concerned locals rallied to save Klein Bonaire from development. The Foundation for the Preservation of Klein Bonaire (FPKB) was born. Through efforts of the FPKB and other concerned parties, and monies from the Department of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs of the Netherlands, the World Nature Foundation of the Netherlands and FPKB, the government purchased the island. Klein Bonaire is included in the protection of the Bonaire National Marine Park and is home to turtle nesting grounds.

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The island is completely surrounded by reef. Klein Bonaire can only be reached by boat (taxi boat or speedboat) from Kralendijk or via an organized snorkeling or diving trip. Several water taxis are faring from the Kralendijk quay to Klein Bonaire. These go back and forth three times a day at fixed times. They take about 25 minutes to get to Klein Bonaire. It may be that the water taxis are reserved for cruise tourists. You will then have to find an alternative to arrive at Klein Bonaire.

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