Bonaire Activities
Diving - Snorkelling- Windsurfing - Kiteboarding - Eco-adventures
Plenty of activities to choose from or simply relax "island style"...
Bonaire is called ‘Divers Paradise’ and the underwater world is unique. Bonaire is the world’s number 1 shore diving destination.
On Bonaire you can enjoy wonderful sea creatures and coral formations. It is great entertainment for all members of the family.
Thanks to steady trade winds Lac Bay on the East coast of Bonaire is one of the top windsurf locations in the world. That is why the top of the world free style windsurfers has quite some Bonairean people in their ranks.
Kite boarding
The same trade winds that cater the windsurfers are used by the kite surfers at Atlantis, on the South West side of the island.
One of the popular water sports on Bonaire is kayaking. Guided mangrove tours are a nice leisurely way of enjoying kayaking on Bonaire, but you may also rent one to paddle to Klein Bonaire and go snorkeling there.
Cave exploration
Bonaire boosts over 200 caves. The caves are pristine ancient wonders, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and some with lakes and tunnels. You can even snorkel in the crystal clear underground lakes.
Bird watching
Bonaire's unique location off the Venezuelan coast attracts migratory birds in transit between North and South America. Bonaire officially has over 200 species of birds that have been sighted here.
Bonaire provides some stunning scenery for hikers. Washington Slagbaai National Park has hiking and walking trails. Learn about the flora, fauna and nature of Bonaire.
There are two main colourful and festive carnavals every year. One takes place in February in both Kralendijk and Rincon and the other called Rincon Day takes place in April and is only in Rincon.
Bonaire is one of the best bone fishing destinations in the world. But it also offers excellent deep sea fishing. Catch your own Tuna or Wahoo. Several times a year Bonaire organizes fishing tournaments.
Klein Bonaire
This protected and uninhabited island is perfect to visit for the day. It has sandy beached and pristine snorkelling with a high likelihood of turtle sightings.
Visit Echo
Take a conservation tour with Echo Bonaire and help support the unique and threatened yellow shouldered Amazon parrot.
This national park covers 5643 hectares and provides habitat for parrots, flamingos, parakeets, iguanas and many other species of birds and reptiles.